Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bonding With The Bit

This morning started a little explosive with my littlest Brownie. It trickled its way down to the Bit and then to me. Sharing a bowl is not the kind of bonding I would have signed myself up for but I'm sure one day it will be a fun story to tell. Thankful my hubs current gig is not out of town and thankful for bigs would can hold down the fort and comfort a grumpy baby. Thankful for the little heater of a girl who makes the fever chills a bit more bearable. Think Bitty is over the worst of it. Hate to write that but she's handling ice chips now like a champ. Fingers crossed.

Psalms and then more Winnie the Pooh. My hubs is taking the night shift with Mudge. No way this Momma can nurse him all night long. Thankful for that man!


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