Friday, October 07, 2016

Couch Potato

Could not get off the couch today. Nauseous and once again that translates into not the pukes but other fun issues. I've never been experienced the joys of gestating quite like this before. For another side of fun the funk that grew down in my chest has made a nice comfy nest in my throat. Again I felt like I was running a slight fever today. I feel like Little Miss Muffet as I bark orders at the kids to clean up. Normally I throw in with them somehow but my bum was firmly planted on the couch.

OH! I found out why my poor little garden is struggling. I pulled up our watermelon vines and the roots were all knotty. I instantly thought nematodes BUT upon further inspection termites were living in the knotty roots. The guy in Back to Eden makes it look so easy. Obviously my gardening experience is to more closely resemble toil. I'm personally offended by the bastards eating my plants. Guess I'm not past my Jonah days.

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Dwelling on not returning evil for evil but rather returning evil with good.


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