Saturday, October 08, 2016

Damn You Devil Virus

I'm sure it just evil hateful Dallergies but I feel like I'm dying from Devil Virus 2016. It's now firmly planted in my throat and the sinuses in my forehead. If it is allergies I'm out of OTC options to throw at it. Sprays and pills aren't touching it at all which then makes me think it is indeed some tropical disease that is never going to leave.

Enough of my grumping and moaning.

1. Thankful for big kids and tv. I thought I slept in till about 9 but I think it was more like 10 and I didn't roll out of bed till after 11:30. It was glorious.

2. Starting making preparations to swap clothes out thanks to the motivation of a friend. She got all four of her kids done and I'm amazed. I wish we could all still just be naked. Sin is such a time consumer.

3. Thankful for a friend who hosted my crazy crew and fed us dinner with smores. This weather is glorious. Really wanting to go camping or rent a cabin or something.

4. So excited about sleeping.

Psalms 101:
So many things I'd like to ponder and compare to other scripture. Can't keep my eyes open for that. Thankful for an opportunity to look at pictures of a friend and rejoice in His faithfulness to His people! The Lord is good!


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