Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fish Lips

Sometimes kid funk comes up at times that kinda stinks. Kid funk kept Les and I from both going to a murder mystery bday but thankful my hubs took one for the team and let me go. Fun to pretend even when as an adult and have fun. Thankful for friends to be silly with.

Still lots of wrestling or stewing on current events in my area. Still reading comments everywhere. It's fascinating to me. I just keep mulling over how Jesus responded when He was falsely accused and crucified. He didn't defend Himself instead He sat there silently while they accused and abused Him. As He was suffering unimaginable pain and was being degraded in the most deplorable ways He looked upon the crowd and ask His Father to forgive them. That's the beauty of meekness and humility. Those are not qualities celebrated in our society.

The things I'm learning out of the mess of it all is to once again evaluate my heart and whether I'm truly more concerned about another person made in God's image or being "right". I confess I often take much delight in just being right.

The other thing I've had time to really mull over is the importance of knowing why I think God created the standards of living that He did. God isn't random about anything. There is purpose and order behind His laws and precepts. As a rule breaker I've never been one to want to follow a rule just because. I know which of my kids are rule breakers and which ones are rule followers. Regardless which camp anyone falls in it's a good idea to ask the question why?

Showing empathy and compassion is not the same thing as condoning sin. I've seen a lot of defending and throwing out tag lines like truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth instead of a willingness to listen. The church can't ignore that they have indeed been incredibly hateful to the gay community and it continues to happen. In a way it's kinda like Black Lives Matter. We can't ignore the hate that African Americans have endured. I can't pretend as a white woman that I can even begin to understand. What I can do is be willing to listen, be willing to hear the pain of another, empathize and have compassion. It is so hard not to be defensive when being called a bigot. But what if us bigots stopped trying to justify and defend and embraced humility. Man it's hard to be humble!!! Yet I keep coming back to humility. It's humility that allows me to recognize my desperate need for Christ. It's humility that allows me to love others, to serve others, to put others first, bear with one another, ect.

1 Peter 1-3:
Good good verses regarding all of this. I won't lie I want to make sense of stuff in my head and "figure" it out. Not all things will ever be completely "figured" out this side of heaven. Our knowledge here on earth is so finite and I serve an infinite God.


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