Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I HEART The State Fair

1. Such a tank filling family day at the fair. It's been way too long since we had a good family day out. So crazy thankful!!

2. We had to buy two discounted tickets but it still was the cheapest trip yet. It was so hot we didn't buy any food. Props to 90 degree days in October!

3. Kids experienced some minor disappointments today but I'm so proud of the way they handle it all. Since we never got any food tickets we didn't end up getting our traditional bag of cotton candy on the way out. Not a single complaint. Really proud of my kids.

4. On the way out a lady counted our kids then said: seven kids!? Really sister? I turned and looked at her and simply said it's awesome. She responded saying she couldn't even have one. My heart still hurts for the woman. By chance saw her again on the way out and we had small talk and she said how she envied me. I'll be chewing on that conversation for awhile.

Had a couple words with the mom from another family of six. We kept running into each other. Fun to knowingly exchange brief words about being "in the club". Other large families just get it. Each life is a miracle and it is such a blessing to be able to raise a child. Thankful for the encouragement from the Lord lately in this regard as sometimes I just feel old and wonder if we're crazy.

5. Need to go forage for food before I yack.

Psalm 109:
Not sure how I feel about this Psalm. It seems incredibly harsh would love to know more of the back story.


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