Friday, October 28, 2016

Now I Get It

So I listened to Russell Moore's talk today. It did my heart wonders. It had a secondary effect. I now get why I was not wowed by Tommy Nelson's talk and in fact was borderline offended. I heard the same kind of rhetoric growing up and sitting in Hagee's church. Interestingly enough Moore even mentioned Hagee's name. I never would have attributed those sermons to my later take on politics but after listening to Moore I can see how they did shape me. I can also understand now why Tommy Nelson's talk wowed so many people. If you haven't grown up listening to sermons like that I could see how possibly it could sway your vote. I've just already had my fill of the Religious Right Wing and I don't buy into the scare tactics. It's been the same scare tactics since I was a child. Just ironically insert Bill's name instead of Hillary. We've always been on the verge of a political doomsday every single presidential election. I've just chosen to ignore it as an adult but with Mudge wanting to nurse 24/7 I've gotten my fill again this election on the FB. Man the doomsday talk takes the wind out of my sails. The you're only fighting off evil unless you vote Republican is so nauseating to me. This election it's even more disheartening because to vote a Republican President you have to turn a blind eye to the candidates character. I believe the Lord is still leading and guiding His people and if people can vote for Hillary and look Jesus in the eye and feel like they represented Him well then so be it. I'm not going to disparage my brothers and sisters over who they vote for. Im just glad they voted. There were many years that I was too apathetic about politics to even do that.

Okay I think I'm landing on why the recent modesty video put a bee in my bonnet. I think there's lots of pressure on women to help their male counter parts in their struggle with sexual sin. There's nothing wrong with throwing in with a brother or a sister and considering them as we partake in freedoms or whatever. I just think this particular brand of sin has been elevated over others. It was painful to hear how women should put some clothes on and be sympathetic to their brothers struggle with lust when I feel like the church has had a completely different standard for our brothers and sisters who struggle with homosexuality. The same kind of coddling and surrounding and supporting and all the other chiding that women are given to support women in their horrific but very socially acceptable struggle with lust. I just assumed it was my usual go to things that was frustrating me. Nope. This is it. It seems like a huge double standard to me. Heterosexual lust seems to be overly elevated and homosexual lust seems to be minimized. Yet we use heterosexual lust as an example of the same kind of struggle homosexuals must go through. So for gay men and women they should be run through a program to be fixed and then all should be well or at least you should be able to struggle well. But for straight men with lust not only should they go through a program, perhaps, women should dress better around them, wives should put out every 72 hours at the very least, wives should be mindful of their weight and appearance so that their husbands aren't tempted by their hot coworkers, and they should plan spicy sex nights to keep it entertaining and interesting. If the struggle is porn wifey maybe a naked photo shoot is just the thing your man needs. I think overall the church still has their view of sex wrong. They can talk about it now and it's trendy to be racy at church now but it's still off I think. Paint the right picture of sex and I think some of these talking points disappear. I'm digressing. Anyway, my bottom line is that I think there is a double standard when it comes to heterosexual lust and homosexual lust.

I know my life is a walking talking double standard. I need to get the log out of my own eye but double standards and the church are especially bothersome to me. I know it's my own baggage from growing. I know this but it still is a huge sore spot for me. I think this is also why the election has become an extra special sore spot because there's so many inconsistencies. Voting republican is held as golden as if it was one of the Ten Commandments. There's so many moral inconsistencies in the Republican Party platform. I think it's the double standard I've been seeing lately that has my cheeks flushed and has upset me so much this week. Ahhhh, feels good to have my finger on that.


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