Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Aftermath

It's been a rough 36 hours to say the least. Taking care of a little while in the throes of having a stomach bug is not an easy feat. Thankful for my hubs who helped to carry the burden. Neither of us got much sleep last night. Thankful I got to sleep in but could have stayed in bed all day.

This afternoon and evening has been spent taking care of my littlest boys who are sick now as well. This is a pretty mean bug. Praying my Mudgey doesn't get it as bad as Bit. Think he could get dehydrated super fast. Preparing for another rough night but oh how my body is screaming for rest. Definitely already had my moments of crying out to the Lord. He is good all the time.

Hoping to get some well kids and sick kids to bed without much drama. Once that happens fingers crossed Psalms and bed.


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