Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Flipside

Read an article with this picture. It's clergy at an abortion clinic protesting the peaceful protesters which they consider unloving. This article broke my heart.

On the other side it would have done my heart good if a church in my area had contacted a guy who felt abandoned by the church (to their credit maybe they did) instead of launching a PR letter writing campaign to defend their side. It would be incredibly hard to do but contact the individual who is obviously hurt, have a conversation, ask for forgiveness for said hurt and trust that the Lord will defend and fight for you. Thinking through all this I realize I need to stop trying to have the last word, especially with my kids. It's my job to train them but sometimes remaining quiet speaks a lot louder than words. My words will do squat to ever truly convict their little hearts. If I remain silent at times it gives room for the HS to convict.

1 Corinthians 5:
Really chewing on this chapter in light of everything. The unrepentant sin the man was engaged in this chapter was so egregious that even the pagan highly sexually charged society at the time considered it morally wrong. That says a lot. The church not only embraced it but took pride in their "tolerance". In commentary though it was interesting to read the take of the author. He doesn't believe the Matthew 18 process has the same effect as it once did. It doesn't mean that you abandon it but still interesting. The reasons sighted are 1. Churches that are large. Part of the process that's also mentioned in this chapter of Corinthians is a mourning over the sin and over the person. The disfellowship of the member would be felt by everyone back in the day. Everyone in the church community felt the loss of the person. There was a community of mourning and it also helped to show others in the community that the consequence of sin extended into the community of believers itself. 2. Disciplined members can just hop from church to church. 3. The apostate church is there to welcome all.

There's a couple thoughts. How much has sexual abuse running rampant in the church caused it to loose credibility in our society. As crazy and sexually free as everybody is these days sexual abuse is still very much considered immoral by our society. Condoning and covering up not only sexual abuse but abuse in general has not done the church any favors. Maybe the changing tides has a lot to do with abandoning Matthew 18 and not doing what Paul encouraged in 1 Cor 5.

I do wonder again what true persecution would do to refine the church in America. Would the apostate church be able to withstand the flames and arrows of real deal persecution. I'm not so sure.


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