Sunday, November 20, 2016

Little Dude

I love love love my little dude but wrangling him while trying to help man a green room, concession stand and get six other kids help to go on stage is a whip!! One last performance tomorrow. Overall this show was pretty low maintenance and stress free. The four performances is not something I'm used to though. Two is kinda awesome. Three would probably be perfect. I now understand why the old timers were bemoaning an encore performance. My kids love it though and probably would love to go for a longer run. Not I said the fly. Excited about Wednesday and jumping on the lazy train. Toot toot!

Galatians 2:
Every time I read this chapter my mind wants to explode and my heart rejoices. I simply can not fully grasp the fullness of the message of the gospel. It's simple and yet so hard to fully take hold of.

Tonight I wonder what the modern day "circumcision party" is. What are the things I believe to be things that save but are merely law or worse man made law? I think the greater question is what are the things I boast in? Jews could boast in the physical act of circumstance having made the right "choices" or done the "right" actions to become more holy. Oh how I love to think better of myself or my own actions. My latest is being arrogant about the arrogance of others. It feels good to point out the sin of others all the while sinning. I wish being right or esteemed or valuable or all those things didn't feel so good. But it does! It tickles the flesh. This chapter obliterates it all.

1. Being Johnny Be Follow the law doesn't matter. We are saved by grace and grace alone.

2. Being esteemed or of high rank or position means nothing to God.

3. Being a highly esteemed leader doesn't mean that you aren't vulnerable to sin and leading others astray in your hypocrisy and sin.

Truly being a leader of anything seems incredibly terrifying at this stage of the game for me.

Jesus humility is so difficult. Help me to think less of myself and crush the pride and arrogance out. Give me eyes to truly see people and not elevate myself at the expense of another even if just in my own eyes.


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