Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lots Of Thinks

Lots of thinks today but holy smokes it's almost 2am and I need to get my butt in bed.

Hit hard with a sweet crying boy sad and a bit scared about turning seven. Six was good, five not so much and he's apprehensive about what seven may bring. It does make me want to bomb places and disparage others but that simply doesn't change the fact that four and five was really hard for that kid. Four changed everything and I can go nuts in anger and frustration over lack of understanding or I can trust God that He has this precious boy in His hands and He can make all things beautiful. My bitterness will do nothing to change anything for good. Judgement and vengeance is the Lord's and in His hands I will place it.

Lots of thoughts on babies and people leaving a season that I seem to perpetually stay in. No time to elaborate but thankful for beautiful perspective tonight and for eyes to see things in a different light.

Lots of other thinks but will have to wait for another day. Still being up is not going to serve anyone tomorrow.

Psalm 139:
Thankful to be known intimately by my Creator. Crazy wonderful to stop and think about.


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