Monday, November 21, 2016

One More Day...

One more day of get up and go and then we can breath, sorta. If I can pull myself together I'll make a grocery store trip and Wednesday will be pie day and Thursday will be family pj day. Then the real crazy will hit. I hope and pray the crazy is good and in between the crazy we can enjoy advent and rejoice over the coming King.

Somebody bought my Brownies tshirts today and it kinda wrecked me. My kids have been so great in general over knowing they just can't get everything that everybody else gets all the time. We often don't hear complaints and have even seen such gratitude in things such as a pair of ballet shoes or a pair of new tennis at the Walmart. To them a new pair of Walmart shoes is as amazing as a new pair of Nikes. Maybe one day they will grow up and we'll discover how deprived they felt over the years. Mostly what I hear now is them confessing that sometimes they wish that they could get x, y and z but that they are grateful for our family. Beautiful side effects to having a bigger family. Anyway, play tshirts add up if everyone gets one so we've just opted out. But today a sweet friend was Santa and delivered tshirts somebody bought my kiddos. I will be the first to admit that it's humbling to receive gifts like that. It's a good humbling and the beauty of the gift often exceeds the swallowing of the pride. So tears today over tshirts.

Galatians 3:
Paul and his wordy ways of making his point is causing my brain to melt. Thankful to be saved by grace.


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