Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Round Two

1. Pretty sure our second case of strep has hit. I don't quite get the timing but I know it's going around so I could see how a different kid got infected?? Thankful for antibiotics when they are truly needed. Not excited about dragging this crew to the dr first thing but thankful for access to medical care. We are so incredibly blessed.

2. Mom of the year told her kid to shut up today. I don't think it penetrated a heart because it was said out of exasperation out of one child's super duper obnoxious fest and not out of anger. But still not the kind of words I want to speak to my child nor the example I want to set.

3. Not sure if it's the cold combined with extra crazy kids and just other chaos around us or what but my flesh is right up at the surface. I probably just need a date with Jesus and a good mom's night out. I need a break from these precious little angels.

4. Struggling to enjoy my kiddos this week. They have definitely made me laugh but overall I just want them to fall in line and do what I say. No energy this week has left little room for me to have energy and grace to deal with shenanigans. I need Jesus and a daily nap.

5. So thankful for grace!!!!

Isaiah 11:
Love this chapter. Fun reading it to the kids this morning and then marveling at the lion eating grass and the baby playing with snakes. Longing for Jesus to return.


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