Saturday, November 12, 2016

There Was No Win But What Do We Do Now?

I was probably pretty naive to think this election Crazy would be over or at least on its way to blowing over on the 9th. Although, I expected a different outcome. I was preparing for a different set of possible challenges ahead. I'm in my own personal turmoil as I try to make sense of things in my head. It's the old adage "what would Jesus do?" But really, what would He do? If I am born to privilege based upon my skin color and the country that I live in how can I best use that to glorify God? How can I use that privilege to bless others? Maybe that's the wrong way to look at it?? I don't know. I do know that I blew off the idea of white privileged for a long time. It's hard to stop being defensive and be willing to listen to another perspective. Much easier to just blow off the ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences of others to beat suit myself.

The bigger realization in all the crazy of late is realizing just how much we have turned away from Jesus. I'm grieved for those who suffer without hope. Saddened for those who fear but fear without ever experiencing the comfort of the Lord. Those who struggle but struggle without knowing amazing grace. Jesus help us use this time to stop trying to justify ourselves but rather give us the courage to be humble and to listen and to share the hope and love that only you can offer.

So true to form as a feeler and non detailed oriented person I read an article posted on the FB and shared it. First pass through I completely missed the tone. I probably read it with tears streaming down my face. I wept and then I posted it. Somebody mentioned it was hateful and so I gave it a second glance. Yeah it definitely had angry bitter tones and lots of finger pointing to White Christian Trump voters. I completely missed the white part when I first read it. See I'm color blind. Yeah not really. The tone of the article actually reminds me of my man hate days. I've had the same kind of anger and hate and all of it was the result of hurt. There are absolutely depraved people on both sides of the equation but I do think many are hurting. I do think white privilege unfortunately blinds me from seeing what's really going on. I don't want to pretend that I will ever get it because I won't. It's the same for people who have never experienced sexual assault, you can't possibly know what you don't know. A persons view of the world does indeed change when they have experienced oppression. I'm ready to have some handles on all of this. I'm ready to know how to respond in love. I will say after all this insanity I definitely remember why I checked out of politics. It is so tempting to completely just check out again.

So ready for Jesus to come back! Until then, God give me the courage to love people like you do. Let me not waver in truth but teach me how to love like crazy.

Matthew 5:
Raca. Hate how easy it is for me to tell raca towards my brothers and sisters. Again arrogance, arrogance, arrogance is the culprit.


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