Saturday, December 03, 2016

Brush A Brush A Brusha

1. Pretty sure I spent almost an hour and a half brushing out the crazy lions mane of my daughter's hair. Here's hoping to never having to do that again. I love brushing my girls hair but that was intense.

2. I'm in trouble. Only half way baked and I feel like an uncomfortable stuffed turkey already. Baby Frying Pan is killing me softly. I'm so calling girl.

3. Kids woke up fevery and yucky but once that second dose of drugs kicked in like clockwork they started feeling better. Thankful even though it meant three boys running amuck.

4. Mudgey just woke up that means no sleep till Brooklyn and I could have crawled in bed six hours ago and been happy as a clam.

5. Piper Devo. Dwelling on what it means to truly know the lowliness of ones estate. Oh I wish humility wasn't so difficult.

6. Dearest Lovely Beloved Children GO TO BED!!!!


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