Friday, December 16, 2016

Bunny Blues

So Coco the Crazy discovered the bunnies and jumped on top of their cage tonight. I should have checked to see if anything happened to the cage but such things never crossed my mind. Well we have a Bunny missing. Sad day. We tried to catch her tonight but no dice. Hopefully she will stay snug as a bug under a wood pile tonight and my oldest the bunny whisperer will woe her back in her cage tomorrow. If not, there may be nashing of teeth tomorrow. Good but hard lessons.

So I think I forgot that I don't like dogs when I'm pregnant. I like Coco the Crazy well enough and I think she will be a lovely fit for our family. But I'll be honest I really don't care because I'm holding out for my old lady dog someday. The kids and hubs can pick whatever dog(s) they want because one day I'm going to stroll in and throw down my old lady gets to pick her dog card and my Frenchie is going to be kick ass. I might even buy it diapers if I don't have any baby grandchildren because surely my old lady Crazy will have kicked in long ago. Let's be honest, it's already kicked in.

Thankful for an evening full of laughs. I love the body of Christ. So many different personalities represented tonight and I'm just in awe over how much He loves us piles of pumpkins and all. We can try to shove our rotting pumpkins in a closet and He so lovingly cleans them out in His perfect time. Truly amazed by how He cares.

Man in the High Castle Season 2 is out today. I may never sleep again.

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