Monday, December 26, 2016

Deranged Easter Bunny

1. Introduced the kids to the greatness of A Christmas Story. So glad they loved it. Would have been sad if they didn't.

2. Spent most of the day laying around. My body refused to do anything today without more sleep. I couldn't have pushed through if I tried. Not glad that I have a sick Mudgey but glad I could lay around and snuggle and nurse him all day. He's still running a fever but perked up for longer than a 15 minute stretch so hurray for progress! He's pretty sad again now but thankful to at least see a touch of my happy boy tonight.

3. Thankful for Legos and crafty things that went on today and a delicious dinner cooked by my wonderful hubs.

4. James 1.
So much here. Dwelling on what it means to be stained by the world.


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