Monday, December 19, 2016

Dump the Grump

Woke up grumpy. Wanted to stay in my bed instead of trying to figure out how to dress my minions and fit my rapidly expanding midsection into something warm. In my post pregnancy purging with Noah I got rid of winter maternity clothes and most everything else. Genius. Thankful my hubs led the charge and we managed to dress most kids although the three year old got out the door without a jacket. Not a big deal most Sunday mornings in December in Texas but it actually felt like winter today. It was glorious. It even had that snow smell this morning.

I've never been to a lessons and carols service before but supposedly it's a thing. My grumpiness began to dissipate as I listen to the organ and the choir. These things are missed in today's contemporary services but the chorus of voices was pretty beautiful. I imagine it's what the sound of many voices with one heart singing to the Lord will sound like in heaven. Then I heard the most beautiful song. It might have been the most beautiful song I've ever heard before in my life. If not, one of the top three for sure. It sounded like heaven and was so beautiful I got tears in my eyes. Had I not been next to my MIL I believe I would have full on wept over the sheer beauty of it. Can't fully explain it but I'm still taken aback by the beauty of it even now. Maybe it was just the tiniest taste of what it will be like before the Lord. I think the Lord will be so beautiful, lovely, amazing, awesome, majestic, ect that all I will be able to do is fall on my face and weep.

Thankful for instant community at church. It's been really nice. I do miss the liturgy which was beautiful at NSP and I loved it being smaller and a bit more gritty. I know gritty isn't the right word but it's the only one that comes to mind. I am still kinda scratching my head about a small world and a small little church in Hamilton, MT. Still feels like we are passing time a bit until the next thing. There is much beauty in the waiting. It's the season for relishing in the long expected, the Messiah. 

Doh! Got side tracked by stupid Christmas presents. Still have the big girl to figure out but finished the tradition family games and puzzle. 

I love love love this from Piper today.

And he would powerfully move into our lives and write his will on our hearts so that we are not constrained from outside but are willing from inside to love him and trust him and follow him.

Seriously how much does He love us? He bore our sins and then doesn't leave us hanging out to dry. He transforms us so that we can do His will. We are helpless on our own. Lord let me not boast in anything, IN ANYTHING, except you. 


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