Monday, December 12, 2016

Following When It Doesn't Make Sense

I think I might be enjoying the story of Ishtar more than my kids. Although I caught one sneaking to read ahead the other day. Thankful for the beautiful reminder to follow the journey the Lord places before me regardless of doubt from others and even when the path seems absolutely crazy and treacherous.

Thinking through lots that needs to be hammered out or rather should be hammered out by January 1st. This includes already preparing for an official ADD diagnosis. Already chatted Meds again for a bit and okay with using them if there's a significant working memory issue which I think there is. However, want to at least give diet and supplements a run for the money first. So.... in January my family is going to be SO excited to go dairy, gluten and sugar free. Basically paleo. I'm okay with natural sugar like real maple syrup to make treats but table sugar is so horrible for you. It's awful and yet I'd eat it by the spoonful daily. Thankfully I don't have much of a sweet tooth with this babe so hopefully detoxing won't be brutal for me. My kids will probably be crazy. Going to roll out the supplements now since their little guts are probably all thrashed from antibiotics anyway. They are going to love cod liver oil!!! I've actually read where there is a link between magnesium deficiency and ADHD too. That would also help explain their never sleep issues. It's pretty ridiculous. I would love to see some gains through diet and supplements and think it's worth at least giving it a shot considering so much positive research showing that it can help.

Speaking of ADD very squirrel tonight so going to shut er down for the night.

Tonight thankful for baby kicks, Mudgey smooches, redemption, and for Vitacost.


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