Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ginger Bread Houses

1. I was thinking about the couple things in our days as of late that have added an extra layer of "chaos". Then it occurred to me that really it doesn't take much to add to the daily commotion of our household. There's lots of plates spinning simply to keep this beast running and I don't run a smooth sailing ship. I wish I did but I'm okay that I don't and daily life is an adventure.

2. Watching a fascinating show about things not seen by the eye. There is so much I cannot see or understand or know. How great is our God? Seriously in awe that my finite knowledge is so incredibly limited and yet the Lord knows all. Seriously in awe.

3. Thankful for graham cracker houses tonight. So fun to see how creative my kids are and how much they grow and change over the years. My babies are growing up. Crazy how fast it happens. Oh what wonderful people they are becoming.

4. Need to stop looking at pictures of my kids on my phone. Love them so. Oh how they refine the heck out of me and daily it's a slow painful death but oh how amazing each of them are!! I never would have chosen this life for myself but I'm incredibly handful the Lord chose it for me. I just had no idea.

5. Goodness Piper! Enjoying a simple read and devo. If we need not fear death then why should we fear anything at all? #FREEDOM


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