Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

1. I think my brain might be a little fried from my kids playing the Grandma Got Run Over song over and over this evening. It was fun seeing them laugh and dance till about the fourth time.

2. Sad over the loss of sweet babies. Must be middle age but it feels like loosing babies is all around. I laugh at being AMA but with being an "older" Momma comes the reality that things do go wrong more often and that every little life I have had the privilege of holding in my womb is an honor and a privilege. What a sacred and hallowed place. My time to hold children in this sacred place is rapidly dwindling. The season to hold life is short indeed. Weeping with those who weep and praising God that one day death will be no more and we will meet these precious ones that indeed mattered.

3. I could do backflips over a complete day of school and chores done before dinner and a dinner not served by seven. Victorious!!

4. Piper Devo. So hard to wrap my head around how things on earth are merely shadows. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful for this imperfect Advent season.


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