Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hoarders Jr Edition

Well the great purging has begun. I'd like to get rid of 50 percent of our stuff. There's too many bodies, too many headaches over getting kids to clean up there stuff and there's just too much stuff and not enough room for all the stuff. Minimalism is sounding pretty dang awesome. I can't remember the statistic but a freakishly large amount of time in America is spent on dealing with all their stuff. I almost threw up in my mouth when I heard the number which I have now forgotten or rather blocked out. All we really need is books. Lots and lots of books. That may be contrary to minimalism but im also into kids with some smarts and the more books in a home the more successful kids tend to grow up to be.

Today was spent on the great purging of the ten year old hoarders room. The room is terrifying. I have a friend who is moving an entire house and I'm pretty sure she will have moved out completely before we are done with this crazy crazy room. I should have just sent her to summer camp for a week and all of it could have magically disappeared. She is so my child. Well, if she is indeed my child then at least she will one day go from hoarder to "let's get rid of all this c-rap". Maybe she will even loathe stuffed animals like I do. I used to love every single one fiercely as a kid.

James 2:
Favoritism and faith with good deeds. I would like to think that I don't show favoritism to some over others but that would be foolish to think. God give me eyes and a heart for your people.


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