Monday, December 19, 2016

Hurray For Heat

1. It was warmer here than in Hamilton this morning and our heater went out overnight. Thankful it was fixed and we are warm and for Montana training. I can't even express how much I need to live where it snows and there is a legit fall and spring and where Dallergies aren't brutal 3/4ths of the year.

2. Christmas card done second year in a row. I heart InkCards, not being a perfectionist and not needing stamps. I feel like I could conquer the dang world now. It won't get anywhere in time but that is besides the point.

3. Not enough sleep or order today but books read and listened to and outside play and creativity so that's a win. I can't seem to pull off any Christmas baking, crafts, houses, salt dough ornaments or anything else but hey I got a Christmas Card done that won't get to people on time and I still feel like a freaking boss!!

4. My "mini mom" made me babysit all the "kids" tonight and I couldn't go out on a date with my boyfriend Franklin. SO UPSETTING!!! Thankful for playing and pretending and snuggling and messing with seven amazing kids.

5. Whew! Piper! The greatest threat we face is to distrust God. Dang that's so good. Totally misquoting but with Christ we can turn every dagger into a scepter. Oh the toils the Lord has lovingly walked me through this lifetime so that I might learn to trust in His goodness more and more. He is good all the time even when I don't understand.


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