Friday, December 02, 2016

No Wonder!

There's been enough moments this week when I could just not think or decide what to do about X, Y or Z. I've also been extra grumpy and short with my kiddos. Finally hit me why. I've been rocking an obnoxious permaheadache all week long. It's not insanely painful it's just like this obnoxious dull roar that makes it hard to focus or to think. I wish it would go away!!!

Another trip to the doctor today and three more Brownies out with strep. Just went ahead and put the two little girls on Meds too and have prescriptions waiting for Mudgey and I.

So I lied my head has kicked it up a notch or two. Hurray for fronts rolling in and big headed babies bashing their heads into mine.

Mark 3


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