Thursday, December 01, 2016

Oh Ye Of Little Faith

1. The biggest boy does indeed have strep. It was a fun adventure at the doctor for over three hours with all of my Brownies BUT when I wanted to be a complainey pants I had to stop and give thanks to how blessed we truly are. We have access to great medical care and Meds to help make us well. I take that for granted every time I reach into the medicine cabinet to take a fistful of pills. Blessed indeed.

2. Got home and the pounding of roofers was kinda awesome. Yet, thanks be to God for a new roof and for a roof over our heads to begin with. Truly perspective is everything.

3. Found out how much time a friend has left who was recently diagnosed with a horrible brain tumor. Weepy and can't help but put myself in her shoes. As a believer there is hope even in the most tragic of circumstances but today I wonder if I am a woman of little faith. I know mighty things can be accomplished and endured through the help of the Holy Spirit. I know there's hope in the sorrow but sometimes the sorrow and the grief are incredibly hard to stomach.

4. In much lack of patience. Really weird to really enjoy my offspring and yet in the same breath lack a gentle answer and response to them. This cold really is beating me down and tonight joint pain and body aches are a poop. Wish more of my flesh was dead but thankful for grace and accepting the fact I am human.

Piper's Advent Devo tonight. Simple yet good. Thinking through memorizing a passage during advent. Not sure what. I've been so successful at memorizing scripture over the years.

Off to read the rest of Luke 1. So tired. Kids could still run circles around me. Most at least in bed even if they are still being obnoxiously loud.


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