Saturday, December 10, 2016

Remember The Time...

1. Remember the time my detail oriented and incredibly directionally challenged self goofed big time and went to the wrong place for my own kids bday party and was over thirty minutes late. Yeah, that was incredible. Thankfully it worked out. Although I do enjoy some ease of off sighting a bday party today I really missed the wonders of a home party.

2. Choir concert tonight for the bigs. The two smaller bigs were singing their little hearts out and the two biggest with a "solo" did really well too.

3. Dropped my biggest off at a party today and there was not a hint of anxiety. Sometimes things change ever so slightly that it's hard to realized things have changed and pretty dramatically. Thankful that seasons are just that, seasons. I'd love it if all seasons were easy and not marred by sorrow but there is much beauty that springs forth from seasons of difficulty.

4. Why are my children still up?

Piper Devo. Loved his take on the gifts of the wiseman.


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