Monday, December 26, 2016

Sometimes It's Dreamy & Sometimes It's Downright Messy

1. Doing Christmas on hardly any sleep is not advisable. Thankful for coffee and that it was beautifully messy despite the yawns. Crazy dog, sweet baby boy coming down with something, and excited children who wake up from their own excitement and the crazy dog and the baby crying was a mess. Moments like last night can only be met with laughter. Sometimes traditions are dreamy and sometimes they are a bit messy.

2. Today was a mixture of beauty, exhaustion, some tears turned to smiles, frozen pizza for dinner and a baby that spiked a fever. I love the family the Lord has so graciously blessed us with. We are a beautiful mess and it's lovely and I'm thankful.

3. So homemade cinnamon rolls have been part of this ideal Christmas morning tradition I've had. Most Christmas's it has not happened at all. But get this, every year I could not pull myself together to make them homemade cinnamon rolls always ended up gracing our table Christmas Morning through sweet friends. Fun marveling at that as we (my hubs) rolled out cinnamon rolls this morning. It was the dreamy kinda cinnamon roll making I've hoped would one day happen. Most everyone jumped in and mixed or rolled or sprinkled at some point or another. It wasn't a flash mob but rather a sweet trickling in and out. This sight definitely is one I've longed for in my head since I decided cinnamon rolls were important to me Christmas Morning.

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