Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sometimes The Unexpected Yields Rest

1. Thinking today how although Saturday did not turn out how I would have wanted the illness in our house granted me a day at home and at rest. I felt pretty yuck yesterday. Thankful for the mercies hidden in the unexpected twists and turns.

2. Thankful for time this afternoon with my two oldest girls at a Ballet. I've always wanted to take them to a ballet and this one was perfect. Bonus I got to see a PATH student perform as well as well as a dear friend to my oldest. Thankful for sweet friendships for my girl and for myself. The Lord is good indeed.

3. Loved reading a friend's thoughts about the tension of the Advent season tonight. So much of this walk with Christ is filled with such beautiful tension. The pull from the flesh and from the wisdom of the world is a strong one and yet He beckons is to something greater. Something we can not achieve but rather simply accept. The Gospel tension of running the race well and yet learning to cease from striving. I've hit that perfect stride only a handful of times as during my brief seasons of running. Sometimes things are magical and I would find that perfect stride and running would seem effortless and I would feel as if I could run forever. Yeah most often running is not like that for me. I like the feeling I get afterwards but it's an uphill battle and fight the whole way. Everything within me often wants to stop and yet just one more stop sign or just one more tree. Keep going even when it's painful and you have to pour it all out like a drink offering. It's running with endurance and yet also learning to cease striving. It's messy. It's brutiful. It's gospel tension. One day all of it will be restored. Oh that day will be glorious. To think I only have the smallest amount of knowledge of the true greatness of my Lord and Savior. It's overwhelming to think about my prize and my treasure someday of Himself.

4. Piper Devo so simple and so great. The Lord's deliverance is not always as we anticipate. He takes worldly wisdom and He completely flips it upside down in its head. A baby born to poor parents. A child scoffed at as being illegitimate. No kingly arrival or estate. No upheaval of Rome and yet deliverance for all people. Deliverance in unexpected ways. How good is God?


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