Sunday, December 25, 2016

What Child Is This?

1. Up WAY to late!!! But wrapping, and chatting and High Castle and hay and remembering Baby Jesus and crazy dog and AND and...

2. So many many thoughts in my head. Maybe in the upcoming days I'll be able to write it all out.

3. Sweet friends at church tonight. On my friend struggling with constant pain. You wouldn't know it because she's not a complainer. Oh to not be a complainer.

4. I need to wear waterproof mascara to church. Beautiful service. Great message. The Rector ending it by singing What Child is this drove home the beauty of this season. Overwhelming.

5. Sweet to see my kids really singing and engaging with the sermon. Having them and my hubs at church together is priceless. Had the three littlest in the nursery and that made for an overall easier experience. Thankful they were all willing except for Mudgey. Reminds me that it's good to ditch the littles to just do bigger kid things sometimes and vice versa. This was the easiest candle light service I've been to since having kids. I remember one Christmas distinctly thinking "will you just shut up and get to the blow out the candle part so my kids don't set each other on fire"! Ah little boys with candles is such a joy! I adore the big boys those same boys are growing up to be. My kids kill me. Sometimes they KILL ME!!!! But for Christ. Thankful His grace is sufficient for my many many weaknesses and short comings as a parent.


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