Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit

1. So I think it's kinda crazy that I rocked the Whole 30 when I was doing it to support my hubs but can't do it hardcore just for myself. It's probably because I'm responsible for my own darn self which means I'd rather eat belly button lint than cook for myself. That doesn't bode well for being prepared. So I did mostly good today but ate taco meat with unclean seasoning that had whey and sugar and I ate kidney beans in clean chili. Not horrible and I may count it as day two even though the whole thirty police may drag me away.

2. Still holding firm on getting six solid unwavering weeks of school in. I realized today that Baby Frying Pan will be here in less than 90 days. How that's possible I simply do not know.

3. Fun to read Caleb's story in the OT to the kids today. We kinda did it backwards since the bigs had a different assignment but fun to backtrack and read why Caleb was promised land. Kids totally got the concept of the Israelites not looking back to see how God had provided in the past except for Joshua and Caleb. Got to relate it to our van and tell them how my hubs and I have seen God provide us cars through out our entire marriage. We even stopped to thank God how we have transportation even now with two running vans even if the big van doesn't happen before B.F.P.. God has been so incredibly good to us.


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