Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crazy (You Can Keep Your Own Crazy)

1. Thankful for sunshine and conversation with some of my favorite peeps. Did my heart good.

2. I have the Whole 30 blues already. I still don't count today as day one as I grabbed popcorn mindlessly today. Doh! My hubs is doing his own thing and is already dropping weight and feeling great. I don't want to drop weight I just can't deal with feeling so horrible all the time. It's awesome how in order to feel better you must first feel worse. I do wonder if this will be the magical pill like it was with Bit. A lot has happened since her and I imagine in the last three years I very well could have tapped the rest of my adrenal reserves. It will be an experiment for sure and it surely won't hurt.

3. Throwing in the towel on Crazy Coco. I can do hyper dog, I can do misbehaved dog but I can't do crazy dog. I saw her attacking one of my kids again today and Momma Bear went into full effect. I pinned her by her neck and I could see the Crazy in her eyes. She's not just a hyper dog, she's nuts and I have too many babies and I'm too pregnant to deal with psycho dog. She truly is Jekyll and Hyde. I've dog sat enough boxers and had my own awesome boxer that her issues go beyond energetic untrained dog. She truly is aggressive and seeking dominance. I asked my kids who had been growled at by her and everyone raised their hand. I've watched her charge several of my kids. I'm not talking knock a kid down because the dog is running around but a real charge.

I kept going back and forth on whether or not we should keep her but after talking to a friend today I realized there's no way in heck I feel comfortable with that Crazy dog around a newborn. I hate her being around Mudge. If I'm having thoughts about wondering if she's going to flip a switch and attack one of us full on it's absolutely insane to keep her here and wait to see if she seriously harms one us. That is being crazier than she is. So unless we run across a rescue puppy I'm done with potluck rescue dogs. I know some turn out to be amazing but I have too many littles to end up with somebody else's crazy ever again.

I do have sad kids. After asking a couple pointed questions I did find out all but one are just sad because they want a dog so badly. Only one is sad about actually getting rid of Coco. That's pretty telling to me. I will say I want another dog (a non crazy dog) in the nearish future but I think short of an old neighbor handing us their well loved dog a puppy it shall be. Who needs sleep right?

4. Genesis 25&26:
Man sins of the father! Hard to get away from it.


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