Thursday, January 05, 2017

Driven' Me Crazy

1. Fun discovering how two of my children crazy make me. Sad day for the younger master manipulator because the older one pulled it just yesterday. It wouldn't surprise me if the little blessings weren't tag teaming me.

I got the stink eye from my oldest when I was harsh with the Crazy Maker today. I asked for forgiveness but she understood when the object of my frustration cried and squalled telling me "you never told me that"! She was pretty dumbfounded as she witnessed me clearly lay out expectations and on multiple occasions try to redirect. I might have felt slightly vindicated when the stink eye giver said "okay, I get it now". Oh sweet sanctification. It is a slow and painful death in order to become more and more like Jesus.

2. Looks like we are going to have Saturday School this weekend for the kids who lacked a good work ethic this week. Hurray!! I'm so glad we can all die the painful death of sanctification together. I love this crazy crew. Truly thankful for all the beauty and crazy it takes to raise little people. Hardest and most amazing gig ever.

3. I think if I could have a gaggle of Mudgies I most certainly would. I simply can't imagine our lives without this precious boy.

4. Genesis 12-14
Biggest take away for today is just how much Abram gave thanks to God and worshipped him.

Also interesting to me is how gutsy Abram is going after Lot with only 300ish people but is fearful about being killed because of Sarai's beauty in Egypt.


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