Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Funky Town

1. Heart heavy tonight with all that is on the plates of dear friends. Sometimes it seems as if life will simply not let up. Tidal wave after tidal wave crashes in and it feels like feet may never touch the solid ground again.

2. Hoping a young girl is encouraged tonight and knows that the King of kings knows her and loves her dearly.

3. Thankful for many things. Easy to look at our crazy floors and all the other things that need attention and money and get overwhelmed. So great to let that go knowing that just like a teenage girl God also knows and loves us. He says to not worry about tomorrow and that if He cares about the sparrows and dressing the flowers of the field He also will provide for us. I believe this wholeheartedly and by grace alone fear not.

4. Lots of loose ends that need to be tied up but not sure how they will be tied. Thankful none of it will end in death if things aren't not left in a pretty bow. Thankful for my hubs who has worked tirelessly this week trying to whack all the moles that have kept popping up.

5. Love how God provides for Moses and his family in the beginning of Exodus. The babe is drawn from the water and his mother is paid to nurse him. When she placed him in that basket it is doubtful Moses's mom had any idea of the plans God had in store for all of them.


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