Sunday, January 01, 2017

Girl You Know It's True!

1. Nothing like starting January 1st off with some Millie Vanilli running through the brain. Thankful for having to come up with a title daily that provides the trip down memory lane. Maybe all of my titles this year will be song titles or song references. That would be awesome.

2. I was a slug today. Felt like I had no bones and keeping my head up straight proved to be quite the challenge today. I'm sure Dallergies are mostly to blame but I'm convinced I'm having a girl. Barring the Bit my girl pregnancies have been the worst. It's too early in the game to feel this horrible. Thankful for pregnancy amnesia. Nine months of awesome is worth the lifetime of true awesome but I sure do feel old these days.

3. My baby boy got his first big boy haircut today. So sad to see his curls go away but one too many people started calling him a girl and I admit it was time. Still, I just can't believe how fast they grow. Slow down will ya kid??

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