Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Homeward Bound

1. Not enough sleep last night. My poor Mudge was up in the middle of the night. He was sweet as could be but just couldn't get comfortable. I suspect a possible ear infection in the works. His cough still sounds awful. GRR POLLEN!!!!!!

2. Been nice having my mom here. She's been a big help and a great distraction for kiddos missing their Daddy. Thankful.

3. Really really thankful for the gift of today with this little pumpkin thrashing around in my belly. Not sure if not having a single sonogram has helped just be thankful for the gift of today or what. Maybe just being AMA and knowing that the older I get the greater the miracle the gift of life. Probably feeling better due to kicking the gluten and other junk to the curb isn't hurting my ability to be thankful. If pollen was completely kicking my tail I might actually feel human right now. I haven't been Whole 30 perfect by any stretch of the imagination but to the best of my knowledge I'm not purposefully cheating. I did hit Pollo Tropical several times and I'm pretty confident butter was an ingredient and probably some hidden sugar but eh I'm not sweating it.

4. Just got lost in a FB wormhole. I jumped on there for a perfectly good reason that I forgot. The FB is an amazing sociological experiment right now. I'm kinda addicted. I think I would have really enjoyed sociology but I do wonder how many Christian sociologists there are. Seems to be very liberally slanted and getting the other side of the story is often omitted. That's not true learning. What a world we live in.

5. So excited about my hubs coming home!!!

6. Hard reading the Exodus and knowing I'm a complainer just like the Israelites. One minute they are rejoicing over God's rescue and the awesome power on display of the parting of the Red Sea. Days later they are grumbling and complaining. I really just want to say, you idiots!!! BUT I'm guilty just like they are. I'm am absolutely blind to God's daily provision and the common grace He sheds on me every single day. Complaining about the mundane. Seriously what an idiot! Ugh! My children have to eat three times a day!!! What a fool I am. Tomorrow mothers around the world will bury their children simply because they starved to death. They would spend all day long in the kitchen cooking three meals a day most joyfully. Perspective changes so much. Stopping to have eyes that see and are able to give thanks is life giving.


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