Monday, January 30, 2017

I Need You More Than Anything

1. Good first day of coop. Good kid mix in my classes. Went to the park afterwards and I'm paying the Piper big time. Kind of at a loss as to what to throw at these allergies these days. Modified diet and I'm popping pills like crazy. I guess it's time to switch up allergy Meds again. So frustrating. This city is killing me softly.

2. Heart hurting tonight for precious friends. This world can be so hard. Oh how beautiful heaven will be when all is set right and we are no longer hindered by sin, hurt and pain. Jesus please come quickly.

3. I'm pretty confident we are now witnessing the fall of Rome. End of the world? Maybe but end of a lovely country I think yes. I don't know what I think about anything anymore. I want someone nonbiased and smart to come and hold my Hand and walk this Momma brain through all of this all the while not telling me what to think or to feel or what the "right" answer is. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. I need to be anchored in Jesus. My heart is too deceitful, I know I am ripe to allow bitterness to cloud judgement, I can be a bleeding heart, I can be zealous for Jesus but screw it up because I've got it slightly off, etc. It's so crazy easy to almost hit the mark but those slight twists in truth can be the most horrible ones. I feel like I'm sitting on top of a mountain trying to discern what is real and what is counterfeit and it all looks mostly the same. I'm not pretending I have a single damn answer with all the mess going on.

4. Want to head to the mountains before all hell truly breaks out.

5. Thankful for Jesus. Oh so thankful for Jesus.


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