Saturday, January 28, 2017

It Makes Me Wonder

Need to go to bed. Felt incredibly off today. Not the tigers blood I should be feeling. I think low blood pressure kicked my butt today. I need to be chugging water.

Up way too late researching Margaret Sanger. So many things strike me as ironic. The Women's Rights March being one of them. They embrace an organization that has said more horrendous and offensive things about race, poor people, immigrants, etc than Trump has ever said. I see more and more of this irony than ever before.

The other very interesting thing is that the same arguments Sanger had for ministers and churches to embrace birth control are often the ones I hear justifying getting "fixed" and for using birth control in the church today. I wouldn't say that forms of both control that are not abortifacient are sinful but I do wonder how much the church has contributed to the culture of death in our country simply by the way we have also embraced the birth control culture which was vastly made popular by Margaret Sanger. Let that soak in a minute. Have we failed to be salt and light in this area? Something is incredibly messed up when kids are considered a nuisance in a church service. How many kids were kicked out of church services across the country while pastors preached on the sanctity of life this past Sunday? I know in one local church children two and under are not even allowed in the sanctuary because they might disrupt the taping of the service. I do wonder if there's any side that fully holds to the "truths" or the "passions" they believe in. Jesus give me clarity and more importantly a humble heart. Teach me what Your truth is. May that truth not be stained by the wisdom of this world. May I cling to grace, grace and more grace.


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