Monday, January 16, 2017

Just Another Day For You And Me In Paradise

1. Plumbing fun led to ripping up the carpet in the hallway today. It's just another day in paradise. My hubs is a rockstar and I'm so thankful for his mad skills and for him serving our family all day long. I'm so blessed by that man.

2. Hard today back to the real world with seven kids not just one and dealing with mess, food or lack of it and school. It probably would go smoother if I would just abandon school to get things in order but I refuse to do that. I am white knuckling school till at least mid February.

3. Finishing up Genesis tonight. Joseph's story is pretty amazing. His circumstances could have left him bitter and angry at the Lord but rather than bitter he grew to be incredibly humble. He doesn't try to take any glory for himself but rather gives credit where credit is due to the Lord.

4. Hoping to gain more ground and get our feet back under us some more tomorrow. Not holding my breath though.

5. Day One on Whole 30 again. Hard when I need to go to the store. Hoping I can find a good substitute for milk. I'm not a milk person generally but during certain pregnancies I could drink tons. I'm craving it like crazy. If unsweetened coconut milk doesn't cut it the baby will win. That's fine. I'll stick to gluten free and sugar free and drop dairy as soon as I can.


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