Monday, January 09, 2017


1. Been lost in thought off an on over a family who lost their teenage daughter in an accident. One moment taking selfies with the ladies and enjoying a morning with cherished friends and mere moments later knowledge that two of your daughters were in a horrible accident. I can't imagine. One moment fine the next and the next moment a worst nightmare. God provide for them. I can't even imagine the horrors that loosing a child young or adult would be like.

2. Day one mostly whole thirty. A couple unintentional slips. Reminds me just how mindlessly I can eat. Felt like total poo today so good timing kicking the junk to the curb. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll actually feel human again. Maybe I wont feel 36 weeks pregnant either. I'm HUGE and feel HUGE and have no idea how I can possibly have 14 weeks left. Hopefully I'll shrink a bit like I did when pregnant with Bit. Her pregnancy and labor was a dream.

3. Genesis 21-24
I don't have many thoughts on this as my brain is very foggy tonight but again in wonder over God's precious provision for us. A sacrifice provided, burial land and a wife for Isaac. He cares about things big and small.


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