Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let Me Sleep

1. I am a grumpy beastly beast. Thankful for a quiet house and everyone mostly ready for coop in the morning. I don't know how people get kids ready for school day in and day out. I suppose if our kids did school it everyday it would only be getting four ready and I wouldn't have to figure out what to do for classes myself. But I'd have a bazillion papers to sign, science fair projects and other things that were not on my agenda. Yeah for now maybe just maybe the work cancels each other out. Pros and cons to each that's for sure. All that to say I'm thankful for the journey we are on for the moment. Not guaranteed tomorrow but for today I'm thankful.

2. Okay so I'm happy to report that I missed going to church today. This is a huge victory that I will not neglect to give thanks for. It made more sense to just park it at home today for multiple reasons. Thankful that not going has highlighted God's faithfulness to me. He is good.

3. Spurred on by a friend who truly is committed to observing the Sabbath. Her schedule is crazy insane and I could see how easily it would have been to justify working on Sunday. Yet she has chosen not to and it has been a sustaining blessing. I've felt that need to observe a Sabbath for quite some time. Think it's time to get off the horse.


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