Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Lice Lice Baby

1. Well it was bound to happen at some point, we have officially been exposed to live. Yeehaw!!! I checked little heads and didn't see anything but not sure how long it would officially take to see the little buggars anyway. I'm holding onto hope that lice hate dirty hair and we are in the golden clear. At any rate I think I'm just going to treat my kids as if they have it in hopes that it will spare me the drama of a full blown outbreak. Besides it's not like I have anything better to do than slather my kids head full of coconut oil and ACV. I'm living the dream!

2. Baby Frying Pan is a spicy girl and woke me up at 4am being a total spaz. No, I don't know for sure if this baby is for sure a girl but I feel very crappy like it is a girl. Too much Estrogen in one body is no bueno.

3. Saw my awesome midwife today. Although I feel HUGE and incredibly uncomfortable I'm actually measuring a tad smaller like I did with the Bit. No room
in the inn for more than one baby. I'm sure anything is possible but it would be highly unlikely that I have a litter of bunnies. I just have a little goat baby who bucks around everywhere and is thrashing my innards.

4. I got nothing else. Read the story of Noah. His obedience truly is amazing. In a culture where everyone's thoughts and actions are bent towards evil Noah not only chooses to walk in the ways of the Lord, he follows God's commands to a tee. I can't imagine a hundred years spent building an ark and hearing all the crazy ole Noah talk. That is identity in Christ.

It's easy for me to latch onto children who are punished in the OT for the sins of their parents. In the story of Noah it seems as if Ham is a reprobate. It's speculated due to the language used that Ham took advantage of his passed out drunk father. That's all kinds of shades of evil. Yet even though his heart appears to be bent towards evil, his father's obedience benefits him and he is allowed to live and doesn't die in the flood like the others. Thoughts to ponder on.


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