Thursday, January 26, 2017


1. There's no momentum going on in this house this week. It's drag, draggity, drag. Hard to focus when Grammy is a lot more fun than school and this Momma has had zilch energy. It's all good! The weekend is a-coming!

2. Struggling to put together a remaining family calendar thru March. Normally not this ahead of the game but lots of pieces that need to be crammed into the next two months before we are in Frying Pan's entry window. Two birthdays, supper club, five year old trip, eight year old day away and various other odds and ends along with a completely unknown work schedule for March. Scheduled induction and c-sections sounds kinda awesome right now with so many unknowns. BUT not knowing and rolling the dice is mighty fun too. With a three week Brown Baby spread it makes it all the more exciting. Thankful God holds all the details in His hands.

3. Feel like we are entering a different season of "do you trust me" with the Lord. Didn't put the two together but didn't hurt that the middle boys had to listen to Unknown Land in Parables of Nature. I have no idea how any of it is going to work together at all but I have total confidence that if we keep walking forward in faith in this Unknown Land it's going to all fit together. One step forward at a time. Thankful to not be unnerved and instead excited about all that we'll get to see God do. I'll take this kind of a season any day over some of the alternatives. Coasting, smooth and predictable is nice but oh so boring.

4. Need to read and then hopefully lots of sleep. Woke up this morning so sad. I truly felt like I had just shut my eyes and that there was no way it was morning already. I've felt really off today too. Must be the unclean bacon I ate this morning. Can't bring myself to spend one million dollars on a pound of clean bacon. Hurray for the slackers whole 30.


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