Sunday, January 29, 2017

So Wake Me Up When It's All Over

1. Oh this title reminds me of my precious girl using her pipes in a play. Heard her singing Stay by Lisa Loeb tonight and again just taken aback by how pleasant it is to hear her belt it out.

2. Good day of not accomplishing anything much but watched kids create things. One kiddo built a bird house from scrap wood with his awesome and hot father and other kids worked on sewing monster creations and various other things. Makes my heart happy to see them building and creating things and using the creative and artistic minds that God has given them.

3. Got caught up on the happenings of today and I kinda want to crawl in a hole and be woken up when it's all over. I might have seen Team America back in the day. It's horrible and it's funny but a leave you feeling guilty kinda funny. There's a song in it "America F Yeah!" and it's awful but also awfully funny until it's stuck in your head. Today it's not funny. I don't even have words for headlines today. The double standards on both sides just seems more than I can bear.

4. Jesus as much as I want to wretch at hypocrisy on both sides I know I must be riddled with my own. God in your gracious mercy examine my heart and reveal the areas in my life that don't line up with truth and righteousness. All my good deeds are a pile of dog poop. My heart is so deceitful and it's prideful and arrogant. Create in me a clean heart. Jesus I cling to you desperately during this time. I know how easily compassion can lead without truth or wisdom. I'm desperate for you to teach me your ways.


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