Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Is My Story, This Is My Song

Today has been one of those fire in the bones kinda day. So much greatness around every corner and pieces fitting together. Yet today was also hard. Started the morning talking through church and the sermon with my kiddos. I love them being in the service with me and I love discussing the sermon with them. I love getting what stood out to them. Even when it seems like they are not listening it's soaking in and I'm thankful. Such sweetness unpacking grace to them from the perspective of a slave and slave owner. Much harder to later confess my sin to them later and accept their grace. But beautiful talking points. All of us learning together and them understanding fully that this Momma clutches to her need for grace daily.

I forget so quickly and so easily though. I have that breaking of bread reminder three times daily yet I forget. Grace changes everything. It's beautiful and I'm so thankful for God's infinite grace in my life.

Today as I was putting Mudgey down for a nap I was struck again by how much beauty and heartache can be in a person's story. For me personally, I feel a new charge to live out that story embracing the fullness of freedom and grace. I don't think that story is supposed to be about being entangled in a million kid activities and busyness and rushing and living the soccer mom life. I really thought I'd be an awesome working soccer mom someday with my two kids, a boy and a girl of course. I'd tote that ice chest in my red Rodeo and carry it to the fields sporting my ponytail and beloved baseball cap. I don't want to live in that mold. I want to break it and shatter it. God has blessed me with seven kids and one baking. For whatever reason He's lead us on an off the beaten path direction. I don't want to follow the norms with anything else anymore. I've got one life here on earth and I want to live it fully with Jesus rejecting as many American norms as I possibly can. Feels damn good to know I was born to be a rule breaker.

Thinking on my own story got me thinking about Jesus. I think I've found my place. I don't know exactly what it looks like yet but story is the key. Jesus was able to relate to people so much because He knew their story. He could meet the woman at the well and have nothing but love for her because He knew her entire story so intimately. It's such a gift to be entrusted with someone's story. Knowing someone's story gives so much insight into why people do what they do and are passionate about what they are passionate about and believe in what they believe in. So story it is and I'm making it my mission to get to know as many peoples story as I possibly can. As an added bonus I want to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep as much as I can as well be it beloved friends and family or nearly complete strangers. Thankful to rejoice with a woman who found out today that her boss is allowing her time off to go visit friends and family back in Pakistan. It's been seven years since she has visited. What a joy to rejoice with her today.

Thankful for fire in the bones once again and for knowing at least for now my place.


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