Sunday, January 15, 2017


1. I love a wonderful thunderstorm. Thankful for some tonight.

2. Made all of my lovely children go to choir. One has not wanted to go and after a good talk discovered why and hopefully empowered him to see things differently and to be a good friend. Love that kid. Another one had to practically be dragged by the hair to go because of continued stomach woes. I feel I have a better handle after this weekend on when to push and when not to. Choir was a necessary shove. That girl needed some victory so we are not completely back at square one. I realize as adolescence is rapidly approaching anxiety woes can either begin to dissipate or actually get worse. If they take a turn for the worse we are going to get help. I know another Momma with a gal older that has struggled with similar fear and anxiety. Seeing a professional made a world of difference when things began to get more unmanageable. There is no shame in getting help when needed and I believe it's much wiser than going down in a blaze of glory or rather a blaze of destruction.

3. Feel much better about my inability to string enough thoughts together to put together a meal plan, grocery list or various other things that need to get done that take a brain. Its so incredibly loud in our house and I'm constantly pulled in several different directions at once. I did once hear a speaker say that when you find a silent moment don't do the dishes or whatever housework is needed put pen to paper and seize the silent moments. That makes tons of sense to me today. My shrunken brain can't push past the chaos right now to have any decent stream of consciousness. It's all good. I'll teach my children how to do it. I can be a delegating fool. Time to put that skill to good use at home.

4. Excited to catch up with my hubs. Feels like I haven't talked to him in months.


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