Thursday, February 23, 2017

And That's A Wrap

1. So much buzzing around in my head. Today felt like a couple days of adventure crammed into one.

2. Heart heavy for friends tonight. Being a parent is most definitely not for the faint of heart. Unknowns can cause much turmoil in many many ways. Praying for several families who are bravely trusting the Lord with their future and the many unknowns of what the future may hold.

3. Finally got testing results. I gotta say I kinda feel like a awesome gangsta parent. No clue why but the lyrics "damn it feels good to be a gangsta" is rolling through my head right now. I have made plenty of parenting mistakes small and excruciatingly large during my almost 11 year gig as mom. It feels good to nail one every once in awhile. Now there's lots to consider and decide moving forward but don't need to have that figured out tonight and I trust the Lord's guidance upon the path we take with our kiddo. The Lord is good and He is indeed the great provider.

4. Today I'm thankful for Krazy Glue and for my hubs becoming a super gluing ninja. A small bottle of glue has saved us hundreds on doctor bills. Thankful that a gash on the noggin turned out to be rather smallish once the blood was washed away. Nothing quite like realizing that your kiddo has blood matted hair but also nothing quite like drawing comfort from the fact that gashes on the head bleed like crazy.

5. Thankful for Chuy's and Happy Hour queso and for one amazing man and seven awesome kids to share it with. The Lord has blessed me so very richly.

6. Thankful for a few moments of quiet and for a bed to crawl into soon.

7. So thankful for a boy who is relieved by a dyslexia diagnosis. All the things we've been telling him about how smart he is and that his brain just operates a little differently was confirmed. I hope it's just one small step of many that he can look back on and see that he can indeed trust us and that we aren't lying to him. He is so excited about the free access to an endless treasure trove of audio books. His siblings might be just as equally excited. Oh the sweet wonderful grace of knowing thyself. It's most definitely freeing.

Deut 8-11:
Wowzers. Huge theme of remembering to be humble.
-give thanks and recognize all the Lord has done that that you will remain humble
-manna was given to humble and to remind Israelites that man does not live on bread alone but on the Word of God.
-remember that it's not because of your righteousness that you are receiving this land BUT rather because of the wickedness of the people living in the land.

Great reminders to give thanks and how a thankful heart helps make a heart humble.

Remembering the provision God gives us is not due to anything we have done to deserve it but rather is all due to the very grace of God.

It is so good to be reminded that we wouldn't have chosen God on our own, He chose us. That any gift or knowledge that we may or may not have is simply due to His grace. Any character flaw or struggle that we may or may not have is simply due to His grace. These chapters are a wonderful heart check and a reminder that none of us, not a single one of us have a thing to boast about apart from Christ. Grace. Grace. Grace.


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