Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baby Blues

Struggling to feel decent this week. Could be my falling off the whole 30 wagon or just that it's the end of the road but I feel pretty junky. This baby likes to burrow in the most uncomfortable of places. This kid is reminding me of my pregnancy with Joshua. I felt decent maybe for four to six weeks. I had so hoped I could recreate a Lilly Bit pregnancy. At least it's not been as miserable as an Abbie or Bella pregnancy. I do think I need to at least go back to paleo. The heartburn has been insanity this week which is helping the discomfort of this baby burrowing into painful places. I am so thankful for this sweet baby though. I just feel like a lame bump on a log though.

More rituals of becoming clean, grumbling and an obvious sign from God that the Levites were chosen by God. Painful to read how the Israelites grumbled knowing that my heart is just as whiny and grumbly.


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