Thursday, February 02, 2017

Boy Oh Boy!

1. Midwife appt today. So per usual my gender guess based on puke is looking like it's going to be wrong. There has yet to be a Brownie's heart rate that has lied. This little stinker is starting to look more like a boy. Fun laughing today thinking about the joys of boy cubed again. Feel a bit old for the upcoming shenanigans that will continue to unfold in BrownTown but so very thankful for the gift of life. My girls might be mourning the thought just a bit. Once they see this little pumpkin it surely won't matter.

2. White knuckled school today. Three done and one unusual suspect procrastinated his way to Saturday school. We might have finished around 7pm. I think 6th grade beating down my door next year is making me want to prove to myself that we can get a full year in even with plays and babes. Next year is the practice before the real push comes in 7th and 8th. For the most part, my two bigs are mostly independent. There's time to keep working on the time management side of things. Maybe I'll actually learn some of that with them.

3. Thankful for a hubs who is a good cook and doesn't mind cooking for his non cooking wife. I'd be living off of eggs, Lara bars and Pollo Tropical if not for him.

4. Leviticus. My brain feels way too mushy for Leviticus. Tonight's reading made my brain hurt with all the details of the different sacrifices. Thankful I am not expected to keep track of such things. I am reminded just how holy the Lord is and how often I completely disregard that and treat the Lord as if we are just good buds. Fear of the Lord is a good thing. He loves me like crazy but I must remember who I am compared to who He is. Humbling for sure and I know I can't even begin to fully grasp just how majestic the Lord truly is.


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