Sunday, February 05, 2017

Come Undone

Today was a firehose kinda day. Started off in my prayer closet and it's kept on a going. My head is spinning a bit.

Oh Leviticus. It started with talking to Jesus about struggling with Leviticus. The last time I read through the Bible I actually found a fondness for Leviticus that I had never known before. This time around it's been really hard to get through. What better place to take that than to the Lord. Then boom. God answered almost immediately. I've been wrestling with things trying to wrap my head around them. The answer is in Leviticus. God gave those laws so the people could learn how to govern themselves in a righteous manner, to keep them safe for disease and other various health concerns, and God tried to give them a set of guidelines so they would not be stained by the surrounding cultures. Times are confusing as all get out right now. There is all shades and flavors of Christianity in America right now. I know that the American church has been very much stained by the world, some flavors more than others. I am stained by the world. I am trying to cling to the Lord desperately now more than ever to try to understand His truth. I know my heart can be cloudy and swayed and that can make my exegesis of the Bible whack and frankly whatever I want it to be even if I don't mean it to.

What does this have to do with Leviticus? Changing my framework of God's law around a bit and not getting bogged down in the details of the law but rather looking for what the law reveals about God's heart, who He is and His character.

I've been wrestling with birth control and digging into the roots of it more. It seems to me that birth control was in some ways the beginning of the end. Ultimately I think it's lead to the changing of our nations heart towards children and has helped contribute to the demise of marriage. Those are just thoughts though and no way to confirm such things.

Digging into Margret Sanger a bit more and how she really championed birth control and ultimately helped get the ball rolling for Planned Parenthood has been an interesting experience. First off her beliefs are far more atrocious than I could have ever imagined. Second, part of her strategy to promote birth control was through the church. I think if she could see the outcome of her handiwork she'd be well pleased. God's heart is always towards life. Leviticus screams that. Life is precious to God, it's the very work of His Almighty Hand. Life is beautiful and miraculous. Human life in particular reflects the very glory and image of God Himself. Margret Sanger's wonderful idea on culling the population through birth control and her theories on eugenics are so contrary to God's heart.

I've watched people jump in the ring on the FB in regards to abortion. Often I see the side representing Christ invoke how women are willing to murder their child in the name of convenience. I think abortion is one of those issues that we should get incredibly impassioned about but I can't help but wonder if all we are doing is casting the first stones. As Christians we have wholeheartedly embraced the culture of birth control. We happily march off to be sterilized out of convenience because we do not want to be taxed or inconvenienced with another child or an oops! I get it. I wholeheartedly embraced this idea and would have joined the rest of the 2.1 clan had it not been simply due to grace, grace I do not deserve. My plan in marriage had always been to have two kids because why on earth would anyone want to be outnumbered. We'd have two kids and then the hubs would go in to get the big snip. Sometimes it joked about and folks say they got fixed. But why not call it what it really is, voluntary sterilization. Truly before today I had never even thought about it in those terms but after digging in a bit to Sanger it's hard to view it any other way. Most absolutely not all make that decision out of convenience but I think a lot do. If birth control is a slippery slope and I do believe that it most definitely is, how far removed is the heart behind birth control and abortion? I don't want to cast stones I just wonder if we've all been duped.

I know people who have personally wrestled hard with this. Due to health issues that are quite scary or needing to take Meds that are class X, or other various reasons that man of placed in the same shoes is be really hard pressed to choose differently than they did for their family. I most definitely don't think everyone who claims Christ must compete with the Duggars either. I do just wonder though if we aren't part of the problem though. Have we been stained by the world in this area? Are the evils that Margret Sanger believed still rooted in the church? What a wise women she was! She appealed to the church wanting to be progressive and very much for women's rights as she sold ministers on birth control. Having nine hundred bazillion children was a crazy catholic thing, the wise Protestant church didn't need to be tied down to such archaic ideas. After all, the Lord did give us a brain. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. But I do know that the Lord has always been for life. Is this the same slope that can lead people who love the Lord to agree that gay marriage can be something that is holy? Again I don't know but I'm clinging to the feet of Jesus.

I will probably have to finish up how the day continued to unfold later. I don't think I can even do justice to the sermon I heard today. I just know that if I was more okay with not being okay I would have completely come undone in church today. One thing I couldn't completely do was hold back the tears, they started and they wouldn't stop till we sat down to eat lunch. There has been a handful of instrumental sermons that I've heard in my lifetime today I can add another to my list. Today was kinda like hearing Piper preach on the Prodigal Son but it flipped me over even more. It has made everything that I've personally been through and walked alongside people with the past couple years come into crystal clear clarity. It's shined light on my entire Christian walk. Who knew one word could have me come undone but now that I know it I will never be the same.


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