Friday, February 03, 2017

Fell Off The Wagon

1. Off the whole 30 wagon. The chips and salsa got to me tonight. I think I could have just drank the salsa but ate the chips anyway. Didn't fall off completely but I'm sure fried corn is not on the plan. Heavy whipping cream is very debatable too but the baby needs fat right? I do love corn and I always have especially when it's fried.

2. Thankful for friends to laugh with tonight. Thankful for a precious little one to get a contact oxytocin high off of. Oxytocin is pretty amazing stuff people.

3. Good perspective from a friend on the refugee issue today. There are no easy and quick answers. Learning more and more the importance of being willing to sit in mourning with others. In El Salvador they sit together for nine days to pray and to grieve. Why we feel the need to rush that process here I don't quite understand. I guess most of us are just not okay with not being okay.

4. So interesting to hear that people with ADD/ADHD actually have damaged brains. In some ways it's a relief. I can't help it, my brain is damaged!!! It also continues to flip my parenting paradigm. God is so gentle and full of grace to us. He doesn't point out every offense. Who could handle that? He encourages and beckons and woes.

5. Again I feel at a loss to figure out this life with Christ. It's so much more than I could have ever imagined. My understanding of grace has been so incredibly limited. Yet abundant grace surrounds me every single day. I'm swimming in it and I'm completely ignorant of just how vast and abundant it truly is.

6. Still need to read and incredibly exhausted.


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