Friday, February 10, 2017

Free As A Bird?

My littles have been way off. The Bit was extra special today and I kept waiting for her to have a blazing fever. If we make it through tomorrow I'm going to start thinking that we just might have dodged the flu bullet again, at least for now. The littlest and unborn little is acting pretty cantankerous today as well. Thankful for all of them but it made for an interesting day of school. Our house felt extra tiny today with all the angry squawks.

Thankful today for the gift of a beating heart. Life is such a precious gift every day is a gift even when it feels like a total beatdown.

Numbers 1-4:
Every male twenty years of older counted. Every Levite clan given a specific job. Each specific job must be completed in absolute obedience. I would have totally screwed it up. I do love each clan given a piece of work so that the body of Christ could work together as a beautiful masterpiece. Each and every personality useful and needed. It's beautiful.


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